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How much does First Look cost?
Please click here for our pricing and policies.
Do you have quarterly payment options?
We do not offer an installment plan for paying the curriculum license fee. Payment in full is due at the time the license is purchased.
When can I have access to the materials once I’ve purchased my license?
During the sign up process, you will be able to choose the license start date. All materials are available two months in advance, and immediate access is granted to the materials. For example, if you wish your license to start with September’s curriculum, you will begin to have access to the September download page during the first week of July.
Do I have to purchase the 1s and 2s curriculum separately from the 3- to 5-year-old curriculum?
No. The First Look curriculum contains lessons for both 1s and 2s and 3- to 5-year-olds each week.
Do I have to purchase a license for 252 Basics and/or xp3 separately from First Look?
Yes. All three curriculums have separate licensing agreements. Please visit for information on curriculum for children and students.
Why don't First Look, 252 Basics and XP3 have the same focus each month?
The First Look, 252 Basics and XP3 curriculums are aligned in strategy but differ in content. At The reThink Group, we feel that when all age groups discuss the same subject, relevance is compromised. There are issues that each age group faces in specific ways, and when there is a blanket topic, usually one or more groups is forced to fit with the subject matter.
Can I buy two years worth of materials and then just reuse what I have?
No. The license agreement enables an organization to use the curriculum during a specified consecutive 12-month period. The license doesn't provide possession of the materials for reuse outside of a current license agreement.
What supplemental resources are available?
We provide a line of supplemental resources that can enhance the use of the First Look curriculum. These resources include a Bible story DVD, and an intro sketch DVD to use during the large group experience, as well as music CDs, posters, books and more. To see the complete line of resources, go to
Can I purchase individual months of curriculum?
No. Licenses are only sold in 12-month periods.
Do you accept checks?
No. All payments for First Look are completed online during the sign up process. Accepted forms of payments are major credit cards and echecks. Echecks are an electronic draft from a checking account. By using the echeck feature, you will enter the routing number, checking account number and bank name online. Mailing a check to The reThink Group is not recommended.
Can you invoice me for the curriculum renewal?
No. The reThink Group doesn't setup billing accounts for invoicing. Payments for First Look are completed online with a major credit card or with an echeck. An echeck is an electronic draft from a checking account. Should you choose to pay with an echeck, it is not recommended to mail a check to our office.
Can I get a receipt for the First Look license I purchased?
Receipts for the license payment are e-mailed to the e-mail address indicated at the time of sign up. Please check any junk mail or SPAM folders. Receipts can also be found online by logging in, clicking the admin tab, then clicking account history, then billing history. You will then be able to select the receipt and print it.
What is the refund policy if I decide to cancel?
The curriculum retails at $200 per month. When a church purchases a year license, the price is discounted significantly from that $200 per month price. Therefore, when an account is cancelled, the discount is lost and the cost of the curriculum reverts to the retail price of $200 per month of any downloaded materials, plus there's a $50 cancellation fee.

REFUND POLICY: All First Look license terms are 12 months.

Cancellations are accepted within 60 days of account sign up or renewal with the following fees imposed:

1) $50.00 cancellation fee

2) $200.00 for each month's curriculum previously downloaded

Only one cancellation per curriculum license is allowed per organization.

What kind of support do you offer once I purchase the curriculum?
Partner Development Directors are regional representatives who are actively involved in the implementation of First Look at a local church. The PDDs are available to answer questions about implementing the curriculum, generating involvement from the community, editing materials to fit specific environments and much more. To talk with your representative, contact us.
What kind of training opportunities do you have?
The reThink Group offers training through The Orange Tour and The Orange Conference. The Orange Tour is a series of regional events across the United States providing foundational training for churches new to the curriculums and concepts of Orange. The Orange Conference is a yearly event held in Atlanta, Ga., where nationally recognized speakers and practitioners share their insights and knowledge of family ministry and church strategy. In addition, First Look offers the supplemental resource, Unpacked, a volunteer training DVD, that provides video and scripts to help you create an amazing training experience for your volunteers.
Whom can I talk to regarding my questions?
For customer service questions regarding billing, account management and store orders, call 866-343-4874, ext. 7100.

For questions about the curriculum usage and implementation, please contact your local Partner Development Director:

Stacy Fountain, 866-343-4874, ext. 7135
Bre Hallberg,
Rachel Oswald (International)